The Downfall of Paris – We start all of our parades with this piece in honor of two friends who have passed away- Pat Cooperman, the founder of Cooperman Drum Company, and David L. Boddie, a member of Charles W. Dickerson, a President of the Company of Fifers and Drummers, and also a great friend and inspiration to many of us. We’ve had the honor of playing with Dickerson on several occasions, and each one is a great memory.

Harum Scarum – This is the first piece our founder and director Mark Logsdon heard the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums play in Williamsburg, Virginia. He asked permission to use it, and it is now the song that ends every 1st Michigan performance, whether it is a parade, concert, or recording.

The Sweetness of Mary – This is dedicated to Mary Logsdon, wife of Mark, co-founder of the Corps, and mom to many of us. It was found and recorded by friends of ours from Massachusetts, the Middlesex County Volunteers. They allowed us to “steal” the arrangement, and we’ve performed it with them on several occasions in their home state.