About Us

Our Purpose

1) To perpetuate through high musical standards, the tradition of historically accurate 18th century music, especially relating to colonial America; 2) to provide educational opportunities in music; and 3) to provide an opportunity for social and citizenship development.


Our Mission

To educate our members and the public about 18th century music and life by performing as a colonial fife and drum corps, which is as accurate as practical in its music, uniform and style.  The Corps will be known for its unique musical style, exemplary conduct on and off the field, and good will towards others.

Performance Style

Our performances are individually tailored to the needs of the event.  The 1st Michigan performs easily in concert and parade formats.



Our concerts are uniquely narrated to inform our listeners of the history of the music, playing style, weaponry and clothing.  Concerts can be geared to any time frame desired.  When performing multiple concerts at the same event site, we strive to provide different music and narration at each concert.  If desired, concerts can also be performed without narration.  The 1st Michigan can also send a smaller ensemble if the entire Corps is not desired for your event.


We perform in parades throughout the year.  Although during a parade the audience only hears a small portion of the performance, the Corps will not repeat a song during the parade route.  We generally maintain a pace of approximately 3 miles per hour.  Muskets can also be fired (blanks only) during parades.  Due to the drums and muskets, it is generally not advisable to place horses directly in front of or behind the Corps.

2009 and 2010 SORT 011 CROP


The Company of Fifers & Drummers, Inc., Ivoryton, CT
Recognized 501-C3 organization