Tracks on “Reflections of the Past”

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Medley #1: The White Cockade, La Triumph, The Cossack
Medley#2: The Ash Grove, Quick March in Cymon, Lock the Door
Medley #3: Coldstream March, La Belle Catherine
Medley #4: The Hessian Camp, Bartoszu, Bartoszu
Medley #5: House of Duncan, La Malta, The Pantheon, Recruiting Officer, Canon for 3 Violins or 3 Flutes
Medley #6: Quick Step 10th Reg’., The Empty Purse, Honourable Artillery Company
Medley #7: Lord Cornwallis’ March, Rule Britannia, Londonderry Horn Pipe
Medley #8: FIsher’s Hornpipe, Matthew’s Hornpipe, Quick Step, Drummond’s Rant
Medley #9: Perth: shire Hunt, Seven Stars Temple
Medley #10: Pennsylvania Quick Step. The Rose Tree, Scotch Grey’s March
Medley #11: Stoney Point, The Midnight Hour, The Lord Phoppington, James River Beating
Duke of York (Short Troop)
Medley #12: Slingsby’s Allemande, Fairy Dance
Medley of St. Anne #13: Lovely Fanny, Oh Dear, What Can the Matter be, St. Anne’s Reel
Medley #14: Quick Step 45th Reg’.,March de Regiment des Dragoons de Prince Frederick, Madam Parisol’s Hornpipe
Medley #14: Giga, March in Scipio, The Life We Love
Medley #15: Brothers Three, Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie, The Gimcrack, Breakdown, March of the Royal Deux Ponts
House of Gramachree
Medley #16: Fetton’s Gavot, Williamsburg Salute
Medley #17: La Poloness, Captain Money’s March, Haydn’s March
Medley #18: Portsmouth, Cotillion, Cotillion the Gesuit
Medley #19: La Margaretta, Soldier’s Wedding, Light Horse March
Medley #20: L’Oiseau Royal Cotillion, Lady Caroline Bertie, Harum Scarum